soundproof windows

Whenever you are making a selection for the windows then the question will come into your mind which material will be better upvc or aluminium. Both materials have their advantages and disadvantages. Traditionally aluminium windows have been very popular used and before aluminium, wooden windows were in use as they know other alternate materials available at that Time. Here we will be listening down the comparison of upvc windows and aluminium. 

 Upvc windows 

  1. The upvc windows installation takes less because they can be easy to produce as compared to aluminium windows.
  2. The upvc windows are easy to clean because they are not polished like aluminium. Only wiping with damp clothes can serve your purpose
  3. Upvc windows are lightweight and even with triple glazing, their weight will be considerably lower than aluminium windows. This is the reason that triple-glazed upvc window installation will be quicker as compared to double-glazed aluminium windows. The upvc also provides the same level of durability as any metal or wooden window. 
  4. They can easily last four 20 years and they will be requiring very minimal maintenance. This means you will be not saving money only on the initial installation of upvc windows but they will work like a long-term investment where you don’t have to spend money on their maintenance. 


  1. Aluminium is a metal and due to its extrusion process, it can be converted into multiple colours. The quality of finish that can be achieved on aluminium windows may not be possible with upvc. The reason people choose aluminium windows is because of the superior finish and look which cannot be achieved with higher quality upvc windows. 
  2. When you’re looking for soundproof windows then aluminium windows can be a better option as compared to upvc windows. The heavy aluminium frame windows can work better as soundproof windows. 
  3. Aluminium itself is a metal which you have higher durability as compared to upvc, but when the powder coating has been applied on the aluminium windows where durability extends. They can also last 20 years and due to powder coating, their look and colours remain intact for a longer period. 
  4. No doubt upvc windows are cheaper than Aluminium windows but the advantage with aluminium is environmentally friendly. The aluminium is recyclable and the good thing is that even the older scrap can also be used to make new aluminium frames. Whereas upvc is not preferred because of its origin from resin. Usually, people avoid upvc windows because they don’t want to increase the plastic footprint on the environment unless they must go with upvc only.