Packaging can be explained, as a collection of components and preservatives which surrounds pharmaceutical products for the time of production till its use. The pharmaceutical market is continuously rising with an exceptional growth. Unlike other products, the pharmaceutical packaging has to be reliable and strong, so that it can protect the medicine and its constituents. Fresh air and vapours present in it effects the medicine directly and can be resulted in medication decay, so reliable packaging is really important. Packaging is responsible to deliver the lifesaving drug without any error to different parts of the world. In current times, companies are delivering their medicines all around the world due to the efficient medical packing system. Now packaging material is considered to be a great business worldwide. 

Benefits to companies 

The packaging material firms are having great advantages as well as they are offering many jobs. They need supervisors and labour, similarly they need security guards for their factories, which caters job to low-income families. There are different packaging technologies that are being introduced in the market. Anti-Counterfeit is a technique of producing fake medicines and packaging that exactly looks like the original product. But this technique is not very useful but it causes some security issue as well as it is not ethical to sale pirated medicines. We see different types of authorities that check and allow the companies to sale their medicines. One of the major things which they are concerned about is the packaging. 

Significance of good labelling 

Security labels make costumers aware that they are having genuine product. Security labels proves and plays an important role in making people sure that the product they are using is not fake. Security labels also make sure that the products are not being smuggled. Some of these labels also have functions which enables thieves to rob, and wherever they try to, the alarm rings. Another aspect of making security labels successful is its adhesives. The glue attached to labels is very sticky and whenever anyone tries to remove it, the original papers tears. Permanent adhesives are used on such labels and make them stronger.  

Holographic labels play a vital role in label security market. They are shiny and untearable. They are designed in such unique way that they cannot be replicated nor can be removed. They can also be used to check product authentication. Now a day as there’s a huge competition and people tend copy your styles big firm use such labels to keep their identity. These labels shine when light is applied and portrays a random image of sun and other objects. You would also have noticed this sign on you medicines.