It is not uncommon for the people to leave out their bathrooms when they are renovating. When it comes to interior designing all that matters is the outer looks of the house. However, if your guests have to use the restroom by chance they would be able to see the real state of things. Therefore, neglecting the restroom is not a great idea. If you have a limited budget for renovation, you can do with cheap heated towel rails. Combined with the other parts of the house, it would not stand out too much. The reason for leaving out bathrooms is that is takes a lot of budget. A living room is mostly empty and had electronic fixtures at best. However, bathrooms have plumbing job and it makes the work fairly time consuming, complicated, and not to mention expensive. Many people take a rest after the front renovation saves up again and then get their bathrooms in a good state.

Saving a buck on the Renovation

The people who have some idea and experience with renovation know very well that what things can be put on hold and what things are urgent. For example, when it comes to construction things like electric towel bars, tiles, and plumbing should not be put aside for other time. If these things did not happen simultaneously, there are major issues with proper synchronization. What is more, it is best to get all these big things done by the same contractor. If you try new contractor for every section of work, there are going to be a lot of trouble and hassle over minor design disagreement. It is best to hire one contractor and let him create a decent blueprint of the house. Take notes and keep a signed copy with you at all times. Make sure to discuss smaller details like ply wood quality and door knob material so that there are no disagreements later on. Keep supervising the whole operation and maintain active communication channels with your contractor.



Building a house from ground zero or renovating a house that was planned by other contractors is not an easy job. There are so many things that can go wrong and sometimes these things are out of human control like bad weather. Therefore, it is best to select a person with considerable experience in the field. Before, you sign the contract be sure that the service plan is agreed upon and has no hidden surprises. It is better to get a friend on board who have had some experience with their house renovation. At the end of the day, make the best possible choices and trust your contractor. Never let your house unsupervised under any circumstances. When it comes to house work, it is your responsibility to ensure that all quality assurance marks are checked. Do not micro manage but keep looking for things that can improve. Give the workers some snacks and maintain a good relationship with them.