Forklifts are equipment used in a number of warehouses, industries and businesses. The main purpose of the Sydney forklift licence is to handle the different kinds of weights and move them from one place to another without any problem. It makes it a perfect choice to handle the weights f all kinds. The forklifts come in a number of sizes and types. The basic types of forklifts that are available in the equipment stores are as follows:

  • Industrial reach forklifts are in popular demand because of their lift height. They can easily rise up the weights of all kinds to the required height. They come in a number of other forms and types too. These variations depend on the weight of the load to be carried. The stand up trucks are used only when one load is to be carried in one time. There are just two forks attached on the front. These forks are allowed to move below the weight. Once completely under the weight, the weight can be further lifted. Double deep forklift trucks have comparatively longer forks in the front. This allows carrying multiple weights on the forks. This kind of the forklift is an excellent choice for the bays and harbors where multiple loads have to be loaded and unloaded.
  • Industrial counterbalance forklifts are also a popular choice. They are designed to perform the task of loading and unloading in the indoors. They are also great option for the outdoor works at farms and stables. It also has a number of variations but the most commonly used forklifts are the three wheel forklifts with excellent manoeuvrability.
  • Rough terrain forklift is a great companion for the outdoor tasks in the most rough and rugged terrains. The tires are sturdy and strong to move easily on all kinds of surfaces. It is even easier to speed up and increase the work capacity. It becomes easy to lift all kinds of weights even on the roughest and the most rugged surface. They can lift weights up to 3 tones very comfortably and conveniently. It is also a perfect choice for surfaces covered with snow, ice or mud.
  • Side loader forklift works wonder when it comes to lift weights in the narrowest spaces. Instead of the front the forklifts are attached on the sides. This side way addition can help in lifting the weights from the places where the normal forklift cannot reach comfortably. Two versions of side forklifts are available. The enclosed cab forklift is for dealing with the weights outside the buildings. On the other hand stand up version is better choice for the indoors. The wheels added to these lifts can move at a right angle very comfortably. They assist in carrying the pipes, tubes and sheets. Check this link to find out more details.